Our Vision

To deploy intelligent innovations to grow and establish as technology enabled industrial distributor for India and Middle East.

Our Mission

To tie-up with leading industrial companies from across the world, to bring the best of technology, so India can develop as technology hub. To focus on R&D based manufacturing to make Prätiv a long term sustainable technology company.

Quality Objective

The name Prätiv in sanskrit language symbolizes faith, which is another word for quality and compliance. With the name of the company as objective, we aspire to meet our Customer’s and principal’s expectations by setting up systems and processes with PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act) approach for continual improvement.

Our Aftersales Policy

"To exceed customer expectation" is easy to say, but without meeting basic customer’s expectations, one cannot exceed it. We have a system and process based approach towards customer concerns, wherein every concern will be monitored and closed in time bound manner. There is escalation matrix involving highest level of principal companies to look into concerns. We imbibe the philosophy of root cause analysis to find out the basic problems if any, so that due modifications can be carried out to avoid repeat concerns.

Our Recruitment Policy

The primary qualifications we look at, while inducting manpower in our company is Engineering attitude, Enthusiasm, Perseverance and Innovative achievements. We believe in providing best of support for nurturing our Employees in their career. We thrive on technological challenges and its solutions. A graduate with good marks is mandatory.