Damper Valves & Isolators

Goggle Valves

Goggle valves enable a 100% leak-tight closure of gas lines, without purge of air in accordance with the UVV safety provisions. The gas-tight shut-off is maintained even during power failure and is equivalent to a blind flange closure.


No pressure loss even when the valve is in open condition .For installation in enclosed spaces; the valve is supplied with a removable gas-tight housing. The sealing frame and blind plate operating elements can be located outside or inside the housing depending on the of temperature and medium.


In blast furnace and converter gas lines, in wet, dry and electro-precipitation plants for furnace gas, and dust extraction plants also.


  • Absolute leak-tight shut-off (blind flange).
  • Free-moving internal & external parts and good resistance to dust. Hydraulic cylinders can be removed or installed without interrupting the process.
  • Low maintenance requirement.
  • All moving parts are easily accessible from outside the pipeline and do not come in contact with the dust-conveying medium.
  • No wear & tear to the seals and sealing surfaces, in the open and closed valve positions.

Special Customized Damper valves

With its extensive experience RAUMAG – JANICH is keen to develop and design unique, entirely new dampers which suit your specific requirements

Toggle Disc Valves

Guillotine Isolators for FGD and DeNOx - Plants

This type of isolating damper is used in FGD and DeNOx plants and is suited for the complete shut off of large ducts. Depending on service conditions, gas exposed parts may be fitted with chemically resistant claddings or coatings.

The sealing is equivalent of a blind flange connection. The seal is fitted to a separate frame which is coaxially retracted before the blade is moved. Hence it is not subjected to frictional wear. The seal carrying frame may be operated hydraulically, pneumatically or electrically .The drive of the isolator blade should preferably be powered electrically.

The guillotine damper assembly is in between flanges on gas conduit systems. The guillotine damper is mainly used to allow inspections, maintenance and repairs to conduits and as a cutoff valve in gas conduit systems. When the guillotine is completely open, the conduit is completely clear and therefore, there are hardly any load losses. Guillotine dampers are not recommended for regulation purposes.

Intelligent Technology

1981 JANICH developed the faired, double shell damper blade DBP, which, in combination with the NICROFLEX sealing technique, made it possible to design dampers with fewer, very much larger blades and yet high sealing efficiencies. The lattice supported blade is also very well suited for high temperature applications due to the fact that the whole blade structure is at all times evenly heated up. The attachment of blade to support structure allows the blade shell to float when exposed to heat and differential thermal expansion, and thereby remains free of distortions. Any sealing system can be fitted to the blade. However, for large blades and/or high temperature service the NICROFLEX MLS type (metal leaf seal) and especially the NICROFLEX MLO type (metal loop seal) are the preferred sealing systems due to their high resilience (30 mm).Double seals with seal air application can also be advantageously used.

Sickle Isolators

Sickle isolators are being used in the area of extremely high dust burdens in the gas which have to be handled. The sealing frame of the Sickle isolators is powered electrically or hydraulically only.


Sickle isolators were developed specifically for the gas tight closure of flue gas ducts conveying dust-laden media and in which high levels of dust deposits can form. Compact and space-saving due to the special design. The sealing is hermetic and the equivalent of a blind flange connection.


They are predominantly employed in steel and cement works as well as in coke production.


  • Absolute leak-tight shut-off (blind flange) due to a multitude of self-adjusting pressure points on the sealing frame.
  • Free-moving and insusceptible to dust, when the sickle swings around a dust-tight encapsulated pivot point with no gear rack.
  • All hydraulic cylinders can be exchanged without interrupting of the operation.
  • Low maintenance requirement and temperature insensitivity with all moving parts are easily accessible from outside the pipeline and do not come in contact with the dust-conveying medium.
  • No wear & tear to the seals and sealing surfaces in the open and closed valve positions. No abrasion to the seals .
  • No pressure loss when the valve is in open condition .